A subscription service for schools

Magazines For Schools is a subscription service for schools that includes several copies of a magazine for your class and unique accompanying lesson resources.


Inspiring young minds through engaging, educational magazines

Magazines can introduce a new aspect to learning, an exciting, interactive and different classroom experience. The magazines we use are all high-quality educational publications that we give you with lesson resources linked to the national curriculum. Kids love to read the fun, factual content in these magazines.

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Easy to use

Choose how many copies of the magazine you require each month and when you would like the subscription to start.

Then at the start of each month your school will receive copies of a new magazine and the accompanying lesson resources will be made available to download from your account on our website.

Lesson Resources

Our lesson resources are designed to be used with the magazines in your pack. They are made in partnership with a teacher so that children are able to engage in the reading material and work towards key assessment focuses.

Simply download our slide show and letter from your account and insert them into your plans. A sample of our lesson resources can be found here.

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No more black and white photocopies, just contemporary full-colour magazines.

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