We are dedicated to giving your students a fun and engaging learning experience that you can implement with ease.

We have been providing magazines to schools for their libraries for many years and noticed they were not being used to their full potential. Following feedback from many schools we discovered receiving a large range of magazines each month was not practical to develop lessons and activity to use within the classroom without a lot of effort from the teachers. The magazines were therefore placed in the library for independent reading. While that is great, there is so much more to offer, so we developed Magazines for Schools.

Our team have hand selected a range of our favourite educational magazines and we give you a different one each month. We also develop a lesson plan in partnership with a teacher and literacy coordinator to give you engaging reading materials that go beyond fiction and aid in a range of subjects.

We guarantee reading comprehensions in every issue, and provide fun activities that reach into different subjects from science to art. We tie these lesson plans to the national curriculum and target key assessment targets. We wanted to make Magazines For Schools as easy as possible to slot into your lessons and for the students to gain the benefits of learning from a variety of reading materials.

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No more black and white photocopies, just contemporary full-colour magazines.

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